Serge Lukin

Since 1977


I was born in the city of Kiev on a wonderful and magical date 07.07.1977 in a happy loving family of an engineer and mathematician.

I graduated from a simple but good school number 78 and then obtained an education at the Kiev International University of Civil Aviation, which I am proud of to this day. 

Then I became interested in science, defended my Ph.D. thesis in economics and began teaching at the university where I studied. There I also received the first responsible post of the dean of my own faculty.

After several years of my life, I learned the experience of a dozen more universities, changing positions and audiences. At one time, I discovered that in my classrooms I communicated with more than fifteen thousand people. And it was even in the pre-online era …

In addition, all this time I managed to read, write, teach and create 🙂

To this day, I have not found any other hobby except history and literature, although I did parachute jumps, diving into the seas, climb rocks, shoot, and dance.

In addition to the above, the official biography also includes international schools and professional development in the field of change management, education management, etc.

 Plus the positions of vice-rector, director, advisor, and of course, associate professor.



M-F: 6am - 5pm